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Fish and flowers near Birmingham?

I need to find a place in or near Birmingham where I could get really good photographs of both fish and flowers. NOT the Sealife Centre. It doesn't necessarily have to be weird and wonderful flowers and fish. Geraniums and goldfish would be fine, as long as I can get really good, close-up photographs.

It's for coursework. :)
Fish and flowers near Birmingham?
fish at pets at home just ask the manager tell them what it is for im sure they will let you

or your pet shop or you could try the fish market in the city centre

for flowers centenary square or sutton park or cannon hill park

or the botanical gardens.

fish on broad street ha ha heard it all now pmsl @garethba
Reply:broad street maybe????

I need help with flowers?

for my date Sunday I'm going to get flowers for her. But I want to add a twist to it. Rather then get flowers that are her favorite, I'd rather do something original.

I'm trying to get a flower that starts with each letter or her name. her name is Virigina, but everyone calls her Gina, so I need a G I N and A.

for G I got Geraniums

i is iris

what about n and a?

does anyone know any more N and I's?
I need help with flowers?
No idea but.......

U r a genius,i have never thought of that,very smart.i hope she loves them.

GOOD LUCK , and take care bye













Gardenia (smells great)

Gerbera (pretty)



















Aster (my favorite, and easiest to find)

There are many other flowers than those, but the ones I listed are most likely to be found at a florist or in a bouquet. There are others that are only found in gardens or pots that I didn't bother to list. I recommend gerbera, iris, narcissus, and aster.

(This is such a sweet idea!)

Nut Orchid


Naked Lady Lily




Apple Blossom


Anagellis Monelli
Reply:N= nasturtium












Apple Blossom


African Lilly









arrowleaf I hope this helps
Reply:A's---- Azalyas

if you want to throw somthing reallly cool in there try Birds of Paradice they dont start with any of your letters but they are really different and fun.
Reply:Hushhhhh! She might be here! Your surprise would the plain to her if she knows in advance! These are done secretly, you had to know! :-)
Reply:narcissus and impatiens
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  • Mother's day flowers?

    Me and my sister want to buy some flowers for our mom on mother's day and have them delivered to her. I can't find any websites that sell the sort of flowers I'm looking for. My mom likes geraniums, pansies, petunias, gladiolas, lilies, and some others I can't remember. Any websites where I can find these flowers?
    Mother's day flowers?
    Look up FTD flowers and tell them exactly want you want. They will make it for you.
    Reply:I know of these two sites:

    deLaFlowers ( ): A very wide variety of flowers, mainly roses. I also saw some lily bouquets. Prices range from $19.99 to over $100. Make sure you use coupon code mom15 during checkout to get 15% off!

    Grower Flowers ( ): Not as much variety as deLaFlowers and a little more pricey, but the price includes a vase and a personalised greeting card with your own photo. Couldn't find any of the flower sorts you mentioned though :(
    Reply:Hi there, you could find a wide range of flowers on here:

    Hope it helps!
    Reply:This site have almost every flower you can find.

    You also get the discount coupons FREE. SOme even have FREE overnight shipping. check it out!
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    Which would you's a beautiful day: stay on here...?

    or go outside, trim the rosemary hedge and plant geraniums?
    Which would you's a beautiful day: stay on here...?
    stay on here
    Reply:well i would go out and ride my bike
    Reply:stay on here.
    Reply:Stay on here.
    Reply:We could not possibly recommend getting outdoors more.

    Trim, plant, mark your territory, just get outside.

    Just think about all that fresh air and open space.
    Reply:I'd rather sit in front of my computer and pick my nose.........
    Reply:I would go outside, but I wouldn't be gardening.
    Reply:Well, if it's beautiful out I would go out and play in my garden, but it's not so I'll just have to wait a while longer.
    Reply:i would like to plant flowers....but my yard has none. we moved here in december, so i'm waiting for it to warm up a little more before i plant anything.
    Reply:I would be horse back riding.........

    If you could plant flowers in your yard?

    no cost...just order and all freely delivered to plant.....What would you plant???

    I would have Roses, Daisys, Geraniums, and alot of cactus. how about you???
    If you could plant flowers in your yard?
    Otto's Thrill..they are so beautiful..and it reminds me of my old was full of just brings back so many childhood memories...
    Reply:I would plant Birds of Paradise, Dutchman's Pipe, Rat tail Cactus, Voodoo Lily, Amorphophallus Titanum, lots of odd things.
    Reply:No cactus for me , Ive had my fill but roses, Daisy's and any perennials would be fine
    Reply:Roses, Peonies, Hydrangeas and Lilacs.
    Reply:I would plant roses and geraniums
    Reply:I like cactus too. I also like morning glorys, sunflowers and roses.
    Reply:Lilly's I love them and carnations and cactus of course I do live in the desert OH and lavender I adore the smell!
    Reply:red roses to plant in honor of loved ones still living

    white roses to plant in memory of loved ones who have died

    yellow roses because they remind me of the yellow in the reminds me of a brand new beginning each and every day.
    Reply:I would have day lilies (lots of different colors), pansies in the spring and fall, gladiolas, roses, and begonias.
    Reply:I would look up information about habitats.

    For example, if I want to attract a lot of hummingbirds to my yard, I would plant morning glories, bouganvilia, honeysuckle and other plants that hummingbirds and butterfiles like.

    Those plants are also pretty drought resistant which makes them perfect for where I live.
    Reply:Bird of Paradise.
    Reply:I would have tons of birds of paradise and make sure I had plenty of perfect pink roses for my best friend to enjoy...oh let me add..I would also love lilacs and lilly of the valley..oh just that sweet smell...and all the wonderful butterflys...I do plant bunches every summer and have a bunch of roses...but birds of paradise would be just wonderdul I love them!!!!
    Reply:I already have lots of diffrent flowers in my garden. I would likely get lots of peonies, lilacs, roses and irises.
    Reply:Poppies and tulips
    Reply:i would plant all cind of colour roses and sunflouwers and maybe some fruit trees
    Reply:My Mom Just Plants Tulips, Daisy's And these Yellow and Purple Flowers
    Reply:I would have to go online for help there. I like flowers, but I don't know a thing about them.
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    Did anyone see countdown on thursday i think it was when the guy asked for a consonant please vowel then said geraniums at the conundrum F*%26amp;%$£* hilarious. Does anyone know where i can see thisagain to show my mates i was in stitches at it!!
    Aha yea seen that one. He must've been having a laugh though. I mean saying geraniums when that was already shown lol. It had me and my mum in stiches too.

    First he came out with that consonant please vowel, then the sperm one and then geraniums. Proper cracked me up.

    I'll have a look for ya, i'll edit this if I find it. :)
    Reply:Aha, thanks :).

    Sorry, couldn't find it. Maybe we were the only ones to watch it on here XD. Report It
    Reply:i dnt get it y was it so funni plz let me know ?case i am probs just being stupid ??
    Reply:I saw it.

    Nearly as funny as Carol's outfit today.
    Reply:maybe on 4 on demand.. or try youtube =)

    What are your thoughts on this poem and it's subject matter????

    . .... ......., ....... ............. ... ....... .............? ...... ......... .... ......... ..... ........ ........... ............ .............

    Dependable fascism

    Responsible corporatism

    Soaking up ether and jism

    Scholar up on a ladder

    Replacing bulbs

    With fermented oranges

    Finds gold in a moist cave

    Leaves it behind

    It'll slow the search of his sisters

    Geraniums pinned to his ears

    A bible on his head

    A dictionary in his pants

    Just a pawn in a game

    Of gestapo networks

    And snickering widowers

    His blue fingertips

    Left prints behind

    A frazzled, passionless crime

    His lips are locking

    To tongues of the dead

    So experienced

    Facelessly he hunts me

    Examining my future

    Reminding me of my past

    Picking fights in the night

    Shipping useless cargo

    To forgotten and decimated lands

    He looks on his page

    Sees my sentiments

    Severs his hand

    ......, ...... ........ .. ........... ... .. .... .. , (... .. .. ...... ... ..... .. ........)
    What are your thoughts on this poem and it's subject matter????
    sounds like bush to me
    Reply:Ah yes now that I've seen it I can really say we write in totally different styles XD

    It's nice though, but I gotta nip to my dictionary on some few words which I'm not sure about the meaning :p

    But don't degrade your vocab just because no one understands it. It means you've got a wide range of vocabulary and can apply it to your writing, never try to write with simplier words just for the sake of nomal people understand it :)

    It's good, I've never seen something written in this style, perhaps I'm too used to my own poems XD
    Reply:good strong words and image influencing and establishing words, but too choppy and all over the place.........

    Reply:its good kinda :\

    use less big words it make it seam chopy
  • origins
  • Can anyone tell me how botonisits determine whether flora or fawna is native to a given place?

    What means do they use to determine if plants grew in a certain area thousands of years ago? I know that many settlers brought to Australia roses, geraniums, and lots of trees from their native countrires, because they were homesick and wanted a slice of home. But how do we know some of the flora and fawna didn't exist here prior to the introduction from people immigrating?
    Can anyone tell me how botonisits determine whether flora or fawna is native to a given place?
    There are a number of ways. Firstly there are first hand accounts, record of plant species shipped in and descriptions of existing native plants. Then you can look at the plants morphology, most exotics brought into Australia are not adapted to our climate. Then you can look at the plants adaptations, eg an Australian acacia species is different to one found in Africa, many Australian species have evolved in isolation and are endemic to the country. Lastly native species have a niche, they don't grow out of control or need special attention or artificial conditions to thrive.

    It's a good question though. There are species that no one is sure about and some which become naturalised in an area to the point that they effectively become a native.

    I'm sorry I can't remember the example I was thinking of. There is a species of Hibiscus in Australia which may or may not have been introduced.
    Reply:they check the bbb hives to see what the honey be been feeding on .check bird droppings also why ????????then see where bees and birds are from
    Reply:For plants that would grow thousands of years ago, they would use an auger to take soil samples from deep within the soil (or from wetlands) and use that to identify the plants that were around.

    For the past few hundred years, they rely on journals and collections from early botanists and naturalists.

    Need flower recommendations for lazy gardener (my mom)?

    I'm moving so my mom, the forgetful gardener, will be taking care this year.

    We typically plant hearty flowers (geraniums and zinias) that are tolerant and wont immediately die if someone forgets to WATER them. I want to move toward a new look with larger, many-petalled blooms-- think dahlias and gerbera daisies.

    But the flowers I pick turn out not to be tolerant. Do you have any suggestions for me and my mom?
    Need flower recommendations for lazy gardener (my mom)?
    all gardens need to be nurtured. buy your mom some plastic flowers or pictures.
    Reply:I plant begonias because I sometimes forget to water my flowers or forget to have someone take care of them when I go out of town. They come in pink, red, and white, I think there may be other variations too, but who knows I usually only plant the white and pink ones. They aren't big petal flowers, but they are very hearty and they look great. Good luck!!
    Reply:try to plant lotus.

    for your bulbs %26amp;:

    and for your seeds %26amp; other needs:

    If nothing else send for the free catalogs to dream %26amp; plan all winter long this winter for next spring. You can shop online or thru the catalog or on the phone.

    Go to

    first to find your hardiness zone first so you plant flowers that will survive your winter.

    Happy Gardening!!!
    Reply:mums,hollyhocks,and lilies are hardy and don't need a lot of pampering.even if you only water them when you see the wilting they spring back and seem to do just fine.
    Reply:cactus is the first thing that comes to mind. container gardening is easy and vincas can take sun or shade and have some brillant colors. hyacinth is pretty tollerant as well. There are some grasses that flower as well to add height. Talk to a good local nursery and they usually know what is best.
    Reply:Depends where you are? ,I'm in Australia (lots of sun %26amp; mild winters).Daisy' are good But I discovered "Cosmos" a self seeding anual that rocks! Tolerates the dry gets quite large towards end of summer (1metre tall) ,covered in pink or white daisy like flowers comes back year after year without any help just like blue "Nigella",dehlias and poppies. Get seeds %26amp;sprinkle early spring or late winter onto loose soil.LEAVE!

    If you want drought tolerant bulbs go the " Iris" (there are so many varieties that will grow almost anywhere as long as they dont get the rot from over watering),
    Reply:foxglove,Cosmo's....perennials seem to be more tolerant also...
    Reply:It is hard to answer questions about plants or gardens without a few more specifics. Here are some examples of what I mean: I live in the Northern climates where it rains so often it is hard to imagine things dieing from even the most forgetful mom! Some flowers can do very well if planted in different areas that compliment their needs within your climate, and some, do better if started as plants instead of seeds. Some perennials become annuals depending on which zones they are planted in and cannot handle too much water; some get their water from the air around them. Many plants in general, including flowers, can go longer between watering if the top soil is mulched well, or covered to slow down evaporation. Complimentary planting can also vary the amount of water your plants need. So you see, sometimes what your plants need depends on the general length and width of their root system then how frequently they are exposed to forgetful Moms!

    Therefore, based on the information you gave, my first answer, or suggestion would be to give both yourself and your Mom some TLC, recognizing the fact that you both enjoy beauty, and keep trying even if it sometimes does not work out as you expected. (Tender, Loving, Care) Those are good things I see in your question, a great foundation to build on, and it will get even better as you both make and share those memories together! Not knowing your personal specifics, I will share some things I have found helpful in preparing and planting the flowers or plants that you do deside to pick instead. They have worked for me, many I have learned from my mom and many others, including a few I discovered myself. Most details, I learned from a large dose of healthy mistakes.

    Whatever you decide, before blaming yourself for investing in, or picking out wrong plants, that may have not survived, check with local gardening resources, clubs, and organizations in your own area for resources and support. Community resources offer you the natural advantage of hands-on personal experience and a particular awareness of the type of ground, climate, fertilizer needs, the most effective mulching methods specific to your individual plants and area for conserving water, and even the types of insects in your area. While the Internet offers each of us an entire world of knowledge that is very important also, and enhances our chances for success; it is still that human element, which can offer you good advice, a hug, and coffee after a natural disaster wipes out your hard work, that will repeatedly be the best over all assets for both you and whoever you have doing the watering!

    I have learned that good preparations are small details I pay, that give me back bigger benefits. I like to put together a diagram, or pocket guide-workbook type of resource, that I can bring with me to local resources, grab when I have questions or discussions on the phone, or to leave with anyone’s Mom in my absence. Include specific directions of what is needed, names, and pictures of what is planted, where they are or have been planted, what you intend or have planted your flowers in; such as raised plant bed, buckets, pots, how often and what the needs are. Follow up matching each area with markings and names. Somewhere in your home planting guide, include pictures of what you want or are thinking of planting and jot down your questions. Be as specific as possible, keep a list of both what you have tried, what seemed to work best, what did not work, and your questions.

    Soon, both your evolving flower garden scrapbook can become a valued resource of accomplishments, pride, information, and a reminder both you and your Mom will find indispensable. With fewer things to worry about forgetting, you both will wonder how you got a long without it. Most of all, it will become a place of wonderful on going discovery, memories, joy, shared experiences, and allow you the freedom to spend more time learning and enjoying your lives even more!
    Reply:VirtuousCirq, I'm a lazy gardener too. That's why I've planted

    Perennials like these plants for sunny areas:

    Daylilies, Black-eyed Susans, Coneflowers, Asters, Gaillardia, Lilies, Mums, Daisy, %26amp; Peony. The flowers of Russian Sage aren't large but it's drought tolerant, can grow in rocky gardens, %26amp; flowers when others are fading. Including tall background plants will add dimension to your garden, so also consider Yucca, Ornamental grasses %26amp; Queen of the Prairie.

    Easy shade-tolerant plants you might like are:

    Hydrangea %26amp; Monarda . Although you mentioned you like larger, many-petalled blooms, consider adding some plants like Astilbe, Bleeding Hearts, %26amp; Lupines, plus using Hostas %26amp; Ferns as a filler in hard to take care of shady areas.

    I don't like replanting flowers like annuals each year, so any effort I put into the perennials are rewarded each time I see them come up on their own each spring. Use plenty of mulch to conserve moisture %26amp; to make sure your mom won't have to spend a lot of time weeding.





    most of these have bigger blooms and cant withstand a day or to of dry dirt....the begonias are part shade plants but the rest are full sun... well at least mine are full sun.. i live in Illinois.... good luck!!!!!

    have you mom write reminders to herself! thats i remembered .. i would always forget to water my outdoor plants......and would put a post it on the shelf where my indoor plants " water outside plants too!" that helped me a lot!
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    Which one of the following sentences contains a dangling modifier?

    a. Sitting on the windowsill, the geraniums got lots of sunshine.

    b. Before going home, this account must be audited.

    c. Jogging quickly around the track, Janice was becoming breathless.

    d. To get the best results, follow the directions on the label closely.
    Which one of the following sentences contains a dangling modifier?
    Since adjectives only modify nouns and pronouns and adverbs modify verbs ,adjectives and other adverbs, I would think it would have to be "D"

    Reply:B is correct.

    a. who is sitting? geraniums. correct.

    b. who is going? account. wrong, supposed to be i or someone.

    c. who is jogging? Janice. correct.

    d. who is getting? understood (you). correct.

    understand? :D
    Reply:The answer is B. The account is not going anywhere. Who is going home??
    Reply:I'm pretty sure it's D

    I'm doing pots with all white flowers this year......?

    doing a 'color scheme' this year and have decided on white....thinking of planting the following in pots:

    white caladium (sp)

    white petunias

    white pansies


    white geraniums

    white nicotina

    white daisies

    any other ideas for pots with white flowers???
    I'm doing pots with all white flowers this year......?
    Another variety of white flowers to consider is jasmine. Many are night blooming, and they smell very sweet.

    Another favorite is stephanotis, which also has a very sweet scent. It likes to grow on a trellis, but can be contained to a pot so long as it has something to climb.

    I imagine your garden will look absolutely fantastic in the moonlight. Happy gardening.
    Reply:Allow me to ask this question - is the world black and white or numerous colors? Does IceCream only come in Vanilla?

    Do you wear all white to work daily?

    A single pot of all white would be nice and different, however, it would stand out if it has a contrast. If there were three pots I would plant the white geraniums. Long lasting, hardy and minimum maint. On either side I would fill a pot with a deep red geranium. Put the white either in front of or below the red to make the white a focal point.

    The petunias and daisy are not all white. Nicotina is nice but high maint. Allysium is basically a spring flower. Go with the Geraniums. Again, low maintenance and feed. Pinch every Saturday.
    Reply:Stocks, dianthus, thrift, flocks, verbena, gerbera daisies.
    Reply:i don't know if they make them white.. but begonias are very pretty.. and do you have a spot with a pot that is near a trellis or can you build one that way? because whats very pretty is moon-flower.. it blooms at night... its the white morning glory...

    Calla Lilly?

    lillys of the valley.. very fragrant..

    mini white rose bushes.. the small ones .... they don't take over like regular rose bushes.

    mini white carnations plants

    white snap dragons?

    do they make white peonies?

    Does anyone know if you are suppoosed to dead head gerber daisies?

    I have many other plants, including petunias and geraniums, I usually pick off the dead flowers on those plants, but I am unsure what to do with the gerbers. Thanks to anyone that can enlighten me....
    Does anyone know if you are suppoosed to dead head gerber daisies?
    This is funny.. I just came inside from dead-heading my flowers. Including Gerber daisies. Just a tip: rather than pick off the dead flowers, actually pinch off the flower and the stem. It will stimulate spreading and flowering.

    Gerber daisies are prolific, and will come back, year after year. Many flowers that are considered "annuals" will come back if, in the fall, you just shake the plant. Yep, just shake it. This will scatter the seeds. Just don't get too anxious in the spring to clean up your flower beds, until you can identify the flowers that are coming up.

    this is what the garden forum has to say.

    .............Deadhead daisies?................

    just cutting off the flowers will leave an ugly plant with stems sticking don't want that! Cut back the flowering stems all the way into foliage. They should rebloom
    Reply:Im not to sure they are to be deadheaded? I had some too, and did deadhead and never got any more regrowth?
    Reply:Treat a gerber the same way that you would treat a petunia. It's cool. They are georgeous, aren't they?
    Reply:Yes, otherwise they go to seed. When they are dead-headed, they continue to expend their energy in producing blooms.
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  • Care for Osteospermums (Cape Daisies)???

    I've always grown these in pots on my porch and I've never been sure about what to do with the dead blooms. Do I cut them off, or leave them on? I always snap off the dead blooms from my geraniums and I didn't know if the same applied to the Cape Daisies.
    Care for Osteospermums (Cape Daisies)???
    When I grew them a few years ago, I deadheaded them. They bloomed beautifully all summer.Unless it's the end of the season and you're hoping for volunteer seedlings the following year, most flowers should be deadheaded to encourage additional blooms.
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    I need help?

    answer the following questions when answering number so i can tell?

    1. In planters outside the porch door grew red geraniums

    a.imperative sentence

    b.sentence fragment

    c.exclamtory sentence

    d.declartive sentence

    2. Twins fawns slept in the tall grass while their mother kept watch?

    a.simple sentence

    b.compound sentence

    c.complex sentence

    d.compound-complex sentence

    3. Joe wrote most of the story, but Kevin will read it to the class because Joe is too nervous.

    a.simple sentence

    b.compound sentence

    c.complex sentence

    d.compound-complex sentence

    4. Slaves from Africa gave the peanut its common name in the South-goober

    a. simple sentence

    b. complex sentence

    c.compound sentence

    d.compound-complex sentence

    5. I have no idea just how large a battleship is until I saw one?

    a. simple sentence

    b.compound sentence

    c.complex sentence

    d.compound comples sentence
    I need help?




    Reply:this is definitely your homework! why don't you understand how to do it??? or why are you being lazy??? you should acquire some self-discipline and instill a no work-no reward system. so, sit down, finish your work first BEFORE you can go out, play games, ask questions, etc.

    Will my plants come back after freeze?

    We just had record lows here in So. Cal and my geraniums, potato tree,sage,butterfly bush, and birds of paradise all look dead. Will they come back?
    Will my plants come back after freeze?
    Don't fertilize them. The plants are stressed and fertilizing them in that state is another stress. It will hurt more than help. Some of them are pretty fragile as far as temp is concerned. The one's Calla mentioned shoud definitely make it. If the roots are undamaged there's a good chance the others will come back. The only way you'll know for sure is to wait. Don't overwater--you don't want to stress the roots. You can fertilize lightly when you see new growth.
    Reply:Check the roots, if they are fine, they will come back when weather gets better. When you get that weather, fertilize them slightly mostly with nitrogen and phosphorous (you can use commercial mixture like 9-45-15, 0.002lbs/plant each time you irrigate them). Don′t water them heavily try frequently instead. Until you get betters weather just water them slightly also...good luck
    Reply:The sage and butterfly bush will come back as I live in Ontario,Canada and mine come back every year. I do not know about your other plants, but don't do anything yet leave them and see, hopefully they will. You can cover them with plastic or burlap. I hope they come back for you.
    Reply:The sage and butterfly bush will, not sure about the others, don't cut them off yet, wait till spring.
    Reply:I had the same problem with my plants here in AZ. I was told by the nursery that they should come back as long as I fertilize them well now and again in the spring. I'm a beginner so I'm curious how others will answer your question. Good luck!

    Sapling removal?

    How do I remove a sapling that is too close to the house? It looks like a squirrel may have buried a nut there...I couldn't dig it up, so I have been cutting it down every year %26amp; it keeps growing back. Is there something I can inject in the trunk to kill it? It is growing up through my rose bush and geraniums and it right up against the house. Thanks!
    Sapling removal?
    if you have any old paint around the house next time you cut it down paint the entire trunk.
    Reply:depending on the size, cut the sappling down low to the ground and apply concentrated Round-up or Brush Be Gone on the exposed "stump". This is if digging it up isn't possible.

    Can you harvest seeds from store bought annuals?

    I hate buying new plants each year. Can I save dead blooms and harvest seeds when they dry out? I have geraniums, fuscia, new gueina impaitiens...lots that you can't buy seeds for. Those big beautiful hanging baskets can cost a lot from a good garden center!

    Ideally, I'd like to plant in the winter inside a little greenhouse.

    Thanks in advance for any help!
    Can you harvest seeds from store bought annuals?
    Just a word of advice, if you collect the seed from F1 hybrids, you will not get the same plant as the parent. The seed will revert back to either the male or female parent plant which will not be the same as the one you collected the seeds from.

    It will say on the seed packet when you buy annuals whether they are F1 hybrids.

    If left to seed themselves, most annuals will re-appear next year without any help from you.
    Reply:Absolutely. Harvest the flowers after they have faded on the plant. Put them in a dry place and let them totally dry out. Harvest the seeds %26amp; put them in a baggie. Leave the top of the bag open so any remaining moisture will dry out of them.

    In the spring before planting time take a couple dozen seeds %26amp; place them on a paper towel. Wet the towell %26amp; keep it moist. See how many seeds sprout %26amp; that will tell you how thick to plant your seeds. If only a couple sprout plant thickly but if most sprout use fewer seeds in your garden.

    Zinnias are an especially easy seed to save. Petunias are hard because the seeds are very tiny.

    Just have fun %26amp; you will have tons of "free" flowers.
    Reply:Do it all the time, any plant you can collect seeds from.

    Marigolds are probably the easiest!

    Experiment! Have fun!
    Reply:My co-worker actually propigates from cuttings of store bought annuals (especially impatiens.) She has real good luck with it. Just an idea.
    Reply:Yes, but not the species you are buying. Try morning glories or nosturtium, both will go to seed which you can plant and they will return the following year. I've been doing this for 8 years. Another hint, both Lowes and Home Depot offer a year guarantee on their plants. I take mine back in the origianl containers with the receipt and get a new one at the end of the season.
    Reply:I do it ever year. This year I have planted marigolds, zinnia's, morning glories, 4 oclocks, just to name a few.
    Reply:I have good luck with sunflowers.
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  • What kind of plants can I put in my turtles tank?

    Box turtle. I read they like to eat Geraniums? I would like to put some pants in the aquarium to create a more natural like habitat, but something that Turtle could safely eat.

    Herbs? Flowers?

    mind you, its a 20 gallon tank, so there wont be a garden by any means LOL but still somthing.
    What kind of plants can I put in my turtles tank?
    Don't forget, Box Turtles eat 75% insects, etc. in the wild so make sure to provide a balanced meal.

    Also- a 20 gallon tank is pretty small for a Box Turtle unless it is very small. An adult Box Turtle would be happiest in about a 4' x 4' habitat.

    I would not bother to plant much in the 20 gallon tank. Maybe set a potted plant in for humidity. has a lot of great facts for you!
    Reply:They like to eat earthworms, strawberries, and poisonous mushrooms. These mushrooms don’t hurt the turtles, but they can kill people! Never eat a wild mushroom or plant! Just because an animal is eating something doesn’t mean it’s safe for you! so dont use poisonous stuff, like mushrooms, my turtle loves dandilions! you should get some of thoughs, meal worms too, dont use the dry ones, buy the live ones, there healthyer too
    Reply:A lot of plants are poisonous, so check anything you put in. You might want to go with plants you normally think of as weeds, such as purselane or lambs'-quarters. Dandelions would be good if they didn't have such long tap roots. See what he likes. I had one that liked carnations. Go figure.
    Reply:green ones

    I'm looking for some bright and colorful flowers to put on my front porch.?

    The flowers would only get about 3 hours of evening sun. Is that considered full or partial shade? I love geraniums, but I don't think that spot gets enough sunlight for them. What would you recommend?

    Thank you.
    I'm looking for some bright and colorful flowers to put on my front porch.?
    You can try geraniums, they don't mind part shade conditions. Any shade plants would do good too. Remember that with perrenials you wouldn't have to overwinter your pots or buy new ones next year as they would come back depending on which zone you live in. It is hard to recommend types without knowing your zone. Do you know it?
    Reply:Impatiens or pansies are hearty and can grow in pots overflowing- for as long as you want. They are cheap and you can replant every year with a different color.
    Reply:Marigolds and zinnias? They would have lots of color and I know they don't like to fry in the sun.





    miadenhair fern

    Can you rate another poem?

    Hear the child wail below

    his blanket

    and the wilting

    of small geraniums

    and summer cowards

    bent out of shape

    of wind and milk


    --though not thoughtless

    the humming of zealots in the willows

    exume (from the lungs and gums

    of critical things) small crumbs

    of pitifully useless knowledge,

    as scalpels of brown prophets

    split Athena’s wings
    Can you rate another poem?
    Though I love the phrase "from the lungs and gums of critical things" it just doesn't work in the poem for me, especially because it creates the only rhyme in the poem. I could really use a title again to help set the scene here, but otherwise it seems complete but oddly two separate things by the end. It seems like it splits after "dreamless/--though not thoughtless" and becomes a different story. I guess what I'm getting at is that as a whole, it doesn't work for me, but as two separate pieces it does which is why I think a title might unify the two halves a little better.

    I'd give this one an 8/10 for those reasons. Again, though, the langauge is very descriptive and it flows pretty well. It just doesn't seem completely connected for me.
    Reply:One stanza poem? Be accurate when you're creating poems next time. I'll rate it 2/10
    Reply:I love this. 9.

    I need help with flowers?

    for my date Sunday I'm going to get flowers for her. But I want to add a twist to it. Rather then get flowers that are her favorite, I'd rather do something original.

    I'm trying to get a flower that starts with each letter or her name. her name is Virigina, but everyone calls her Gina, so I need a G I N and A.

    for G I got Geraniums

    i is iris

    what about n and a?
    I need help with flowers?
    The Letter N:

    Narcissus means Egotism

    Nasturtium means Patriotism

    Nettle, means Burning Slander

    Nettle Tree means Concert

    Night-Blooming Cereus means Transient beauty

    Night Convolvulus means Night

    Nightshade means Truth

    For the letter A:

    Abecedary …… Volubility

    Abitina …… Fickleness

    Acacia … … Friendship

    Acacia (rose or white) Elegance

    Acacia (Yellow) … … Secret Love

    Acanthus……….. The fine arts

    Acalia ……………… . Temperance

    Achilles Millefolia ….. War

    Aconite(wolfsbane)… Misanthropy

    Aconite Crowfoot Luster

    Adonis, Flos ….. Painful recollections

    African Marigold ….. Vulgar minds

    Agnus castus….. Coldness, indifference

    Agrimony …….. Gratitude

    Almond (common) Indiscretion, stupidity

    Almond (flowering) Hope

    Allspice Compassion

    Aloe Grief

    Althaea frutex Persuasion

    Alyssum Worth beyond beauty

    Amaranth (globe) Unfading Love

    Amaranth(cockscomb) Affection

    Amaryllis Splendid beauty, pride

    Ambrosia Love returned

    American cowslip Divine beauty

    American Elm Patriotism

    American linden Matrimony

    American starwort Welcome to a stranger

    Amethyst Admiration

    Anemone (zephyr) Sickness, Expectation

    Anemone ( garden) Forsaken

    Angelica Inspiration

    Angrec Royalty

    Apple Temptation

    Apple Blossom Preference

    Apple, Thorn Deceitful charms

    Apocynum Deceit

    Arbor Vitae Unchanging friendship

    Arum (wake robin) Ardour

    Ash tree Grandeur

    Aspen tree - Lamentation

    Aster (China) - Afterthought

    Asphodel - Lifelong regrets

    Auricula - Painting

    Auricula (scarlet) - Avarice

    Austurtium - Splendour

    Azalea - Temperance

    Hope this helps and this is a very thoughtful thing to do!
    Reply:N -

    * Nerine Lily (very pretty pink flowers)

    * Nigella (also known as Love-in-a-mist)

    A -

    * Alstromeria (they are Gorgeous! also called Peruvian Lily)

    * Ammi-See (Queen Ann's Lace) white, dainty, puffy blooms

    * Aster - there are any variaties and colors of these pretty flowers

    * Asiatic Lily (also known as Tiger Lilies)

    Good Luck %26amp; have fun!

    Nerium oleander Rose Bay

    Nymphaea (water lily)
    Reply:you shouldn't date girls named vagina. it's too weird.

    What flowers to plant?

    I hope that someone can give me an advice on what flowers to plant this year... My balcony gets sunshine all day long, and I have not been very lucky with my choices of plants. I live in northern Virginia, and it gets really hot and humid in the summer... Any suggestions? The only type that has survived so far have been geraniums, just to give you an idea.

    Thank you so much!!
    What flowers to plant?
    Put dusty millers in with your geraniums they are pretty but don't bloom. Gazonias are pretty and easy to grow as well as Gerber daisies. And in my opinion vines are always nice on a balcony. Maybe some Tidal wave petunias and Sweet potato vine or Vinca vine. Go to the Burgess seed co. site and get ideas there. good luck and happy planting.
    Reply:Ahah! Something I can help you with. Unless you want a tree don't plant the flowering tobacco plant. Jasmine will grow well under controlled conditions. Do you like fragrant flowers? Two I recommend for your area are Lavender and Liatris. Catmint and Phlox are both good summer perennials, and Angel's Trumpets, Snapdragons, Sweet Pea, Cosmos and Lilies are good annuals and bulbs to plant for the summer as well.
    Reply:I did a search on Breck's Plant Finder for full sun, container plants in zone 6 to give you an idea of some of the plants you might consider. Here are the results:;p...

    Good luck 'n happy gardening!
    Reply:I have good luck with Zinnia's Petunia's, Forget-Me-Not's, and Mum's. I have to water them all a lot (that's all I do) but get good luck with them all.
    Reply:Try daises. They're really pretty, and what I like to call "durable".
    Reply:go to the stores that sell plants to make your selections they can gtive you better advice and most of the plants at the store they have a little plastic tag sticking in side the pot that tells you the name of the plants and how to care for them.
    Reply:money plant
    Reply:Beautiful Daffodils they love sunlight.
    Reply:You already have got some good suggestions. One other plant I love that grows well in Virginia is dwarf flowering tobacco (Nicotiana). It has the most wonderful scent in the evenings.
    Reply:I'm not exactly sure what would be the best to plant in your box, but I would suggest that visit your local garden store, home depot or Lowes and maybe someone in their garden department may be able to guide you better.
    Reply:Try some marrigolds they survive the sun good. And you can save seeds every year so you never have to buy them again.
    Reply:what about lila's?
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  • Bunny and poisonous plants?

    We just got a bunny, and I plan to let him play in the yard sometimes. I found a website that lists poisonous plants for bunnies. It was extensive. And, we have several- geraniums, lantana, blue potato bush, etc.

    Will he actually eat these things that are bad for him? For example, olleander is very poisonous, but also very gross, so people dont accidently eat it. Do bunnies?

    Do they give him a tummyache or kill him?
    Bunny and poisonous plants?
    Oh yes, all animals will eat things that can kill them. rabbits will eat oleanders, I know some that survived, but sure would not give them access. Not all rabbits will chomp down everything poisoness, but I have known a bunch that did.

    Also, poison plants are not your only concern, as parasites from birds And don't forget poison from people: chemicals for pools, cleaning, automotive, and bug and weed sprays, many of which are incorporated right into landscaping materials now. Here is a darn good site to look into, has a lot of info about dangers need to sign in, just click and learn.
    Reply:Bunnies can be very curious creatures and just because we think something is gross, doesn't mean that a bunny will agree. I think you should either get rid of ALL poisonous plants or not allow your bunny to go near them. You don't want to find out the hard way that a plant was poisonous and tastey to your bunny.

    Why not buy some sort of fencing material and create a little fenced off area for your bunny? It doesn't have to be too elaborate, just something that will stand up, not have holes big enough to slip through and not hurt the bunny physically.

    Better yet, make your bunny a house rabbit! They are easily litter-box trained and they are wonderful pets. They need a safe, calm home with lots of room to run around. Check the House Rabbit Society's website for info on proper bunny care --
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    Where does the smell of ???? Take you?

    When I smell White Shoulders perfume I think of my Nana.

    And the smell of geraniums I think of my Grandmother. ( They grew on the side of her house.)

    What smell reminds you of something or someone?
    Where does the smell of ???? Take you?
    green polo reminds me of my dad.
    Reply:thanks C. J. Report It
    Reply:Do you miss your mama!!

    Help I have bugs or something eating holes in my leaves in my garden?

    Mostly these bugs or whatever eat holes in my flowers leaves. especially my sunflwers and geraniums.
    Help I have bugs or something eating holes in my leaves in my garden?
    It could be a number of things, my first guess is the cutter bumble bee. very large black and yellow. although you probably wont see it. They make their nest out of leaves and flowers, usually right out of the middle of a leaf. They are harmless and will quit as soon as their nests are built. They particular love sunflowers, and grape leaves.

    If it is small chewing holes it could be leaf hoppers or grasshoppers or Japanese Beatles. If it is not too severe just a bi-weekly spray of soapy water will help.( a few drops of liquid dish soap in a spray bottle of water. Be sure and get the whole plant while spaying, and do it early enough in the day that the sun will not scorch you wet plants and there wont be moisture left on the plant by nightfall.

    If it is severe, you will need to uses a pest spray for flowers, you can get it at any garden center, one that contains Sevin is the best for chewing insects, just follow the directions.

    God Bless

    Reply:Sale B 4 they get into your house and head
    Reply:they are probably just hungry or looking for moisture, you think?

    Do you like my poem, garden salad?

    . .... ......., ....... ............. ... ....... .............? ...... ......... .... ......... ..... ........ ........... ............ .............

    Dependable fascism

    Responsible corporatism

    Soaking up ether and jism

    Scholar up on a ladder

    Replacing bulbs

    With fermented oranges

    Finds gold in a moist cave

    Leaves it behind

    It'll slow the search of his sisters

    Geraniums pinned to his ears

    A bible on his head

    A dictionary in his pants

    Just a pawn in a game

    Of gestapo networks

    And snickering widowers

    His blue fingertips

    Left prints behind

    A frazzled, passionless crime

    His lips are locking

    To tongues of the dead

    So experienced

    Facelessly he hunts me

    Examining my future

    Reminding me of my past

    Picking fights in the night

    Shipping useless cargo

    To forgotten and decimated lands

    He looks on his page

    Sees my sentiments

    Severs his hand

    ......, ...... ........ .. ........... ... .. .... .. , (... .. .. ...... ... ..... .. ........)
    Do you like my poem, garden salad?
    Well you have left this would like, to be ,poet feeling very inadequate, have you been reading, Martina Cole?

    or are you the real deal?
    Reply:bit too "arty" for my liking!
    Reply:WTF is that? u need help!
    Reply:"Scholar up a ladder replacing lightbulbs with fermented oranges." I like it.
    Reply:The symbolism is just "ok", passable but a little bit of an acid-like trip with its questionable imagery. Why does he have geraniums pinned to his ears is my question? And spoiled oranges for bulbs? Which page is he looking at and why is his severing his hand on account of your poem? A little bit arrogant and presumptuous, don't you think? Other than that, it has a sense of rhyme and flow, ends ok maybe a bit stained to end.
    Reply:damn that wus touching.

    r u a professional poem writer

    it sounds like theres a story behind it

    if there is message me about it i would like to know
    Reply:Oh, thats just great! Did you make that or did you find it? If you did make it great job!!! If you didn't, you got great taste.

    Oh yah, I got to answer your question. Yes, I do like you'r poem - Garden Salad. Keep up the great work!

    Reply:I think its pretty intresting.... get it published

    Its pretty cool if you ask me makes you think
    Reply:Damn good...
    Reply:It's aweesome!!
    Reply:Sorry ,I don't get it. The imigery is disturbing. I give it an E for effort. What does it have to do with salad?
    Reply:I dont properly understand what this poem means. But im sure you do dont you?

    Well, i think its an excellent poem and very well written and even if people say its rubbish because they dont know what it means, dont listen to them.

    Keep writing ;)
    Reply:i dont get it
    Reply:its too long...
    Reply:I'm not sure what it means. A poem means more to the writer because they're the only one who can TRULY understand it. However, I think it is very well written.
    Reply:uh... I think its ok, but its a little too vague, and your trying to hit a sertain topic, but I think your should express your theme more clearly, 'cause as a poet, I try and build up a scenery, your just explaining a life or personality, all in all i'ld give it a 7 out of 10 (for its deepness) although its always good to keep a poem vague, so the reader can think what it means for a long time, but definitley be more clear. As Edger Allen Poe wrote in his "How To Write a Black Letter Article", " If you want to say Bread and butter, use other words, never say exactly what you want to say, use hints."

    Winterizing flowers?

    I have some beautiful martha washington geraniums and coleus outside.If I plant them in pots will they do good inside the house for the winter?
    Winterizing flowers?
    take the bulb out of the ground. wrap it up inside of a brown paper bag. make sure that no moisture can get to it. then replant in spring. its better this way for the natural cycle of the plant to hibernate
    Reply:Hi, i suggest a great site with plenty of Issues related to your home and garden and everything around it. it also provide clear and accurate answer to many common questions.

    I am sure that you can get your answers in this website.

    Good Luck and Best Wishes!
    safety shoes
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  • I would like to make my own hanging baskets this year. What do I need to put in the bottom of them. Full Sun.

    I normally buy geraniums and I have had wave petunias but I would like to do my own. What is the components I need to make them. Peat moss, hanging basket soil, etc..

    Thank you in advance!
    I would like to make my own hanging baskets this year. What do I need to put in the bottom of them. Full Sun.
    dry moss. dark soil.
    Reply:If you already have your baskets, you need a high peat soil blend, like pro-mix. Some Lowe's and Home Depot stores sell it. Don't use straight sphagnum peat to do your potting.. the pH is going to be too low. Pro Mix has pH buffers and better drainage than plain peat. Also, be sure your baskets have drainage holes.

    I'd recommend integrating some osmocote in to your soil before planting. Hanging baskets can be difficult to feed, so take care of feeding in advance.

    I know some people add hydrogel to handing basket soil to reduce their watering frequency. I don't think it's a bad idea, but it does add weight to the baskets....
    Reply:Any potting soil will work as your base. If it seems too heavy, you can mix in a little bit of a seed starting mix (find this in bags right next to the regular potting soil) as it is lighter and drains water more quickly. Even though I don't use chemicals in my garden, I do mix a synthetic fertilizer (such as Osmocote) into my containers. Because they are watered so frequently and need to have lots of blooms to look good, it's almost impossible to do without a fertilizer.

    Other than that, the sky's the limit. You can use any type of plants that you want. Trailing varieties, such wave petunias, million bells, bacopa, etc. look good. You can also try more unusual plants, like passionflower or flowering maples if you have a good nursery that carries them. I like to mix plants in my containers--an upright, a trailer,and a green (like ivy or sweet potato vine), but planting all one thing looks nice, too.

    Don't be skimpy--most containers can hold 3 or 4 plants and will help them to fill out sooner.

    Fertilize weekly with a diluted liquid fertilizer or compost tea. Enjoy!
    Reply:and diapers. My nursery person told me to put a dry diaper in the bottom of my baskets. The diaper absorbs extra moisture, and then releases the moisture when needed. They also have potting soil for containers(I think the brand is Miracle Grow) its much lighter than normal potting soil and perfect for baskets

    To kill a mockinbird help?

    why does reverend Sykes tell Jem to rise in the courthouse

    what charachter matches the description

    1 maycomb garbage collector and calpuria's son

    2 a morphine addict rumored to conceal a confederatearmy pistol beneath her blankets

    4 the town's social outcast who knew true justice

    5 he gave helen robinson a job

    6 spanks scout

    7 grows geraniums in her yard

    8 breaks in judge taylor's house

    9 newspaper publisher and editor

    10 author and producer of the haloween paegeant

    11 he is a white man who likes to live with black people

    who said the following quotes? to whom was he speaking?and what does the quote mean?

    1 "i live like i do because thats the way i want to live"

    2 "he was real nice"

    3 "its because he wants to stay inside"

    4 "let the dead bury the death this time."
    To kill a mockinbird help?
    Jaquelin Dibois maid
    Reply:Oh! You have a great teacher! Tell her I loved doing this assignment and I can't wait to see my grade. Will you turn in my paper for me???
    Reply:Is this an assignment? It'd really be better if you read the book and looked up the answers yourself. It's an awesome book, give it a try. :)
    Reply:This sounds familiar, like a standardized test I took in grade school.

    Hardy plants for my garden beds?

    hi, i have just put in a heap of sleepers to make garden beds in my new garden. i live in victoria and have lots of frosts and are on the highest water restrictions (no watering of garden at all). i need some ideas on hardy hardy plants for about 100metres of garden beds. i am thinking daisies, diosmas, rosemary, jasmine, geraniums. any other ideas? thanks so much for any suggestions.
    Hardy plants for my garden beds?
    Lavendar and Russian Sage are both good... they dont need much water, and both get pretty fragrant purple buds on them
    Reply:Marigolds are a hardy plant. They can be neglected somewhat and still thrive.

    They are beautiful and vibrant in color. They have a long blooming season with plenty of blossoms.

    I use them where I want plenty of rich color and want something that will withstand different weather conditions.
    Reply:this is an excellent resource.

    Small Garden Question?

    Hey all, since this place has been so helpful, i just thought id ask another question... I live in a small apartment that has a patio area outside... When i first bought the apartment i noticed the person before had a small garden outside... So i decided to take up after it... I filled it pretty good with some soil and mulch as well, but the thing is, when i plant things in it, they usually die... Or when i water the plants i have, it seems that they are not getting enough water... I have no idea what im doing wrong, if anything? Is it a drainage issue? What can i do? Thanks for the help... I have 2 Lillies growing, 3 geraniums, and some Cilantro...
    Small Garden Question?
    You didn't mention any kind of fertilizer, so I'm assuming you bought some topsoil or gardening soil from the store. The thing is, a lot of the storebought dirt you'll see (despite the grandiose claims on the bag) contain roughly the same amount of nutrients as the soil in your average suburban backyard -- which isn't that much.

    So what you can do about that is amend the soil with some natural fertilizer like cow manure or mature compost. Mix it in between your plants, using a few good-sized handfuls per square foot, and work it into the soil about half a foot deep.

    If you're new to gardening, you may be over-watering. That's OK, I do that as well. Keep the soil moist, but never soggy or soaking wet. Stop watering before it starts to pool in the dirt. Mix in some ordinary playground sand for better soil drainage. Neither the sand nor the compost/fertilizer should be that expensive. Maybe $1.50 or $2 for a small bag.

    Also, before you transplant store-bought plants, give the roots a nice massage with your hands to loosen up the roots. The plants need to spread their roots in their new "home," so give them a little water when you plant them as well.
    Park Hotel Ahrensburg

    What kind of plant will grow nicely in these conditions?....?

    It's for my office window in North Sydney. I get direct sunlight coming in from about 8:30am to 12pm and then in the afternoon, the sun reflects off a nearby building back into the window around 2pm or 3pm for an hour or so.

    These times will obviously change once daylight savings starts.

    The office is air-conditioned and so it's constantly at a reasonable room temperature.

    I've heard either African violets or geraniums?

    I'd like a plant that flowers a nice bright colour and something that is a good small-medium size for a window sill.
    What kind of plant will grow nicely in these conditions?....?
    Are the office lights on 24/7?

    African violets like indirect light-- i.e. no direct sunlight-- plus window glass has a tendancy to intensify the sunlight-- cooking said plant.

    Geraniums like sunlight but if they are happy-- they are VERY happy and won't stay small enough for a window sill.

    There are so many choices-- I'd suggest talking to someone at a botanical garden or an agriculture college-- the combination of window glass, sunlight, airconditioning, bright blooms needs more expertise than I have.

    good luck
    Reply:Well thats a good question... Of course a cheeky Queenslander would say that a cactus or a rose is most appropriate for Sydney because theres heaps of pricks.

    Boom Boom!

    Personally, I'd avoid bonsai because they look tortured and gnarly.

    Maybe check out other offices with plants and get some ideas that way of what you think looks nice.

    Or ring up a place that hires plants out and see what they have to say. Be careful not to get water everywhere when you water it, by the water going through the soil on to the carpet and stuff.

    Now, the other cheeky answer...

    The lights are on for about 18 hours a day, let that be for a few months and then drop the time down to 12 hours a day for about 6 weeks- isnt that how people grow
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