Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fish and flowers near Birmingham?

I need to find a place in or near Birmingham where I could get really good photographs of both fish and flowers. NOT the Sealife Centre. It doesn't necessarily have to be weird and wonderful flowers and fish. Geraniums and goldfish would be fine, as long as I can get really good, close-up photographs.

It's for coursework. :)
Fish and flowers near Birmingham?
fish at pets at home just ask the manager tell them what it is for im sure they will let you

or your pet shop or you could try the fish market in the city centre

for flowers centenary square or sutton park or cannon hill park

or the botanical gardens.

fish on broad street ha ha heard it all now pmsl @garethba
Reply:broad street maybe????

I need help with flowers?

for my date Sunday I'm going to get flowers for her. But I want to add a twist to it. Rather then get flowers that are her favorite, I'd rather do something original.

I'm trying to get a flower that starts with each letter or her name. her name is Virigina, but everyone calls her Gina, so I need a G I N and A.

for G I got Geraniums

i is iris

what about n and a?

does anyone know any more N and I's?
I need help with flowers?
No idea but.......

U r a genius,i have never thought of that,very smart.i hope she loves them.

GOOD LUCK , and take care bye













Gardenia (smells great)

Gerbera (pretty)



















Aster (my favorite, and easiest to find)

There are many other flowers than those, but the ones I listed are most likely to be found at a florist or in a bouquet. There are others that are only found in gardens or pots that I didn't bother to list. I recommend gerbera, iris, narcissus, and aster.

(This is such a sweet idea!)

Nut Orchid


Naked Lady Lily




Apple Blossom


Anagellis Monelli
Reply:N= nasturtium












Apple Blossom


African Lilly









arrowleaf I hope this helps
Reply:A's---- Azalyas

if you want to throw somthing reallly cool in there try Birds of Paradice they dont start with any of your letters but they are really different and fun.
Reply:Hushhhhh! She might be here! Your surprise would the plain to her if she knows in advance! These are done secretly, you had to know! :-)
Reply:narcissus and impatiens
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  • Mother's day flowers?

    Me and my sister want to buy some flowers for our mom on mother's day and have them delivered to her. I can't find any websites that sell the sort of flowers I'm looking for. My mom likes geraniums, pansies, petunias, gladiolas, lilies, and some others I can't remember. Any websites where I can find these flowers?
    Mother's day flowers?
    Look up FTD flowers and tell them exactly want you want. They will make it for you.
    Reply:I know of these two sites:

    deLaFlowers ( ): A very wide variety of flowers, mainly roses. I also saw some lily bouquets. Prices range from $19.99 to over $100. Make sure you use coupon code mom15 during checkout to get 15% off!

    Grower Flowers ( ): Not as much variety as deLaFlowers and a little more pricey, but the price includes a vase and a personalised greeting card with your own photo. Couldn't find any of the flower sorts you mentioned though :(
    Reply:Hi there, you could find a wide range of flowers on here:

    Hope it helps!
    Reply:This site have almost every flower you can find.

    You also get the discount coupons FREE. SOme even have FREE overnight shipping. check it out!
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    Which would you's a beautiful day: stay on here...?

    or go outside, trim the rosemary hedge and plant geraniums?
    Which would you's a beautiful day: stay on here...?
    stay on here
    Reply:well i would go out and ride my bike
    Reply:stay on here.
    Reply:Stay on here.
    Reply:We could not possibly recommend getting outdoors more.

    Trim, plant, mark your territory, just get outside.

    Just think about all that fresh air and open space.
    Reply:I'd rather sit in front of my computer and pick my nose.........
    Reply:I would go outside, but I wouldn't be gardening.
    Reply:Well, if it's beautiful out I would go out and play in my garden, but it's not so I'll just have to wait a while longer.
    Reply:i would like to plant flowers....but my yard has none. we moved here in december, so i'm waiting for it to warm up a little more before i plant anything.
    Reply:I would be horse back riding.........

    If you could plant flowers in your yard?

    no cost...just order and all freely delivered to plant.....What would you plant???

    I would have Roses, Daisys, Geraniums, and alot of cactus. how about you???
    If you could plant flowers in your yard?
    Otto's Thrill..they are so beautiful..and it reminds me of my old was full of just brings back so many childhood memories...
    Reply:I would plant Birds of Paradise, Dutchman's Pipe, Rat tail Cactus, Voodoo Lily, Amorphophallus Titanum, lots of odd things.
    Reply:No cactus for me , Ive had my fill but roses, Daisy's and any perennials would be fine
    Reply:Roses, Peonies, Hydrangeas and Lilacs.
    Reply:I would plant roses and geraniums
    Reply:I like cactus too. I also like morning glorys, sunflowers and roses.
    Reply:Lilly's I love them and carnations and cactus of course I do live in the desert OH and lavender I adore the smell!
    Reply:red roses to plant in honor of loved ones still living

    white roses to plant in memory of loved ones who have died

    yellow roses because they remind me of the yellow in the reminds me of a brand new beginning each and every day.
    Reply:I would have day lilies (lots of different colors), pansies in the spring and fall, gladiolas, roses, and begonias.
    Reply:I would look up information about habitats.

    For example, if I want to attract a lot of hummingbirds to my yard, I would plant morning glories, bouganvilia, honeysuckle and other plants that hummingbirds and butterfiles like.

    Those plants are also pretty drought resistant which makes them perfect for where I live.
    Reply:Bird of Paradise.
    Reply:I would have tons of birds of paradise and make sure I had plenty of perfect pink roses for my best friend to enjoy...oh let me add..I would also love lilacs and lilly of the valley..oh just that sweet smell...and all the wonderful butterflys...I do plant bunches every summer and have a bunch of roses...but birds of paradise would be just wonderdul I love them!!!!
    Reply:I already have lots of diffrent flowers in my garden. I would likely get lots of peonies, lilacs, roses and irises.
    Reply:Poppies and tulips
    Reply:i would plant all cind of colour roses and sunflouwers and maybe some fruit trees
    Reply:My Mom Just Plants Tulips, Daisy's And these Yellow and Purple Flowers
    Reply:I would have to go online for help there. I like flowers, but I don't know a thing about them.
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    Did anyone see countdown on thursday i think it was when the guy asked for a consonant please vowel then said geraniums at the conundrum F*%26amp;%$£* hilarious. Does anyone know where i can see thisagain to show my mates i was in stitches at it!!
    Aha yea seen that one. He must've been having a laugh though. I mean saying geraniums when that was already shown lol. It had me and my mum in stiches too.

    First he came out with that consonant please vowel, then the sperm one and then geraniums. Proper cracked me up.

    I'll have a look for ya, i'll edit this if I find it. :)
    Reply:Aha, thanks :).

    Sorry, couldn't find it. Maybe we were the only ones to watch it on here XD. Report It
    Reply:i dnt get it y was it so funni plz let me know ?case i am probs just being stupid ??
    Reply:I saw it.

    Nearly as funny as Carol's outfit today.
    Reply:maybe on 4 on demand.. or try youtube =)

    What are your thoughts on this poem and it's subject matter????

    . .... ......., ....... ............. ... ....... .............? ...... ......... .... ......... ..... ........ ........... ............ .............

    Dependable fascism

    Responsible corporatism

    Soaking up ether and jism

    Scholar up on a ladder

    Replacing bulbs

    With fermented oranges

    Finds gold in a moist cave

    Leaves it behind

    It'll slow the search of his sisters

    Geraniums pinned to his ears

    A bible on his head

    A dictionary in his pants

    Just a pawn in a game

    Of gestapo networks

    And snickering widowers

    His blue fingertips

    Left prints behind

    A frazzled, passionless crime

    His lips are locking

    To tongues of the dead

    So experienced

    Facelessly he hunts me

    Examining my future

    Reminding me of my past

    Picking fights in the night

    Shipping useless cargo

    To forgotten and decimated lands

    He looks on his page

    Sees my sentiments

    Severs his hand

    ......, ...... ........ .. ........... ... .. .... .. , (... .. .. ...... ... ..... .. ........)
    What are your thoughts on this poem and it's subject matter????
    sounds like bush to me
    Reply:Ah yes now that I've seen it I can really say we write in totally different styles XD

    It's nice though, but I gotta nip to my dictionary on some few words which I'm not sure about the meaning :p

    But don't degrade your vocab just because no one understands it. It means you've got a wide range of vocabulary and can apply it to your writing, never try to write with simplier words just for the sake of nomal people understand it :)

    It's good, I've never seen something written in this style, perhaps I'm too used to my own poems XD
    Reply:good strong words and image influencing and establishing words, but too choppy and all over the place.........

    Reply:its good kinda :\

    use less big words it make it seam chopy
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