Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wha is the best way to over winter geraniums?

In a cold frame-don't wet them they will rot. trim up, take all dead flowers off and keep them quite dry.
Wha is the best way to over winter geraniums?
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Reply:It would help to know what zone you live in. If you live in Canada/the northern US, there is no way you can leave them outside, even in a greenhouse, shed or garage. The best way is to put them in pots (if they aren't already), bring them inside into a dark, preferably cool place and leave them until spring. They will turn brown and look dead, but they are really just dormant. By the time late February/early March comes around, bring them out, water them, and gradually let them have a bit more light each day. Once it is warm enough, put them outside. They should green up fairly quick, then once there is no risk of frost at night, plant them wherever you'd like and enjoy!
Reply:Indoors away from frost ,if you have plenty room to grow thm on a window sill indoors failing that you can pruen them back.

And wrap in newspaper put in carboard box and still in loft till early Spring.

Then when you check and can see new shoots this is the tiem ot start teh cycle again and repot and water .

Keep indoors or in a greenhouse till fear of all frosts are well past.

They certainly will not last outside in winter.
Reply:I think it is very difficult as they don't like cold so it is best to take cuttings. Put them in water until they root then pot them up and keep in the garage.
Reply:I used to leave mine in the garden but only in sheltered spots any in patio containers I took into the shed. I just cut them down to ground level
Reply:Plant new ones in the spring.

(sorry not my favorite plant.)

I think everyone, including me, is thinking Pelargonium. Not really geraniums.

Try some hardy geraniums, Genus Geranium. Nicer plants (to my eyes) and intensly purple blooms. They are hardy and come by well on their own.
Reply:It depends on the variety and whether you've got a greenhouse. If they are the sort with fleshy stems, cut them off to about 4 inches and bring them indoors. (A greenhouse or shed will do, but not a garage - they don't like car exhaust). If you've got cranesbill geraniums just chop the tops off and leave them where they are.
Reply:Take them out of their pots, remove all leaves and flowers. Put them in a brown paper bag in dry basement. In the spring, plant them where you want.
Reply:my mom used to use planting pots and cover them with leaves and straw,the straw keeps them warm,also in very cold weather,to protect your water pipes in the ground,lay out straw on the grass and the snow and ice will not damage your pipes
Reply:Depends where you live. In Scotland it's best to take cuttings and grow these on indoors, over the winter. I have successfully overwintered geraniums outside but that particular winter was very mild and I think it was just luck that they lasted through ok to the next spring

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