Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why are the leaves of my geraniums turning yellow?

you are going to get a load of stuff from every no it all. forget them all. here is the facts. yellow leaves is NORMAL. it is an evergreen plant %26amp; it is natural that some older foliage is replaced with newer foliage. trust me. i have 2 masters of science. been a certified master gardner with univ of cailf for over 15 years. your plant is fine.
Why are the leaves of my geraniums turning yellow?
some lose there leaves in winter they turn yellow before they fall this is the time to cut them back to shape to a nobe,they will put on knew grouth in spring,if it is there growing season where you are or you might have them in pots,if this is the case and there turning yellow means you have a nitrogen diffisency,feed with a complete fertilser happy gardening
Reply:Put coffee grounds on the soil near the base of the plant. Starbucks gives away bags of coffee grounds for gardening purposes. When my lantana starts to get a little light, I give them some coffee, and they brighten up! I'm sure there's some chemical reason: low ph or whatever, but...I'm more pragmatic. It works--so I don't need why.
Reply:It means soon they will fall, they′re are dying.

But it′s natural, they don′t last forever, I mean the leaves, not the plant.
Reply:Most likely you are over watering it.

Water thoroughly once a week and make sure the pot has good drainage.
Reply:Are you giving it adequate food/water/light?
Reply:Overwatering or overfertilizing. Check the soil - if it isn't getting enough water the soil will be dry.
Reply:They may need a bigger pot.
Reply:ummm-give it some water!!
Reply:To much water.

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